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27th Jan 2023

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The next Friday draw is in...

All Free Lotto weekly draw results, mirror those of the Friday EuroMillions Hot Picks 5 number draw results.

Playing your free 5 daily Free Lotto lines is as simple as logging in then choosing 5 numbers between 1 and 50 for each line using our play grid or go for single or multiple lucky picks.

Should you decide to purchase from a participating retailer (in our "go shopping" area), register the purchase in your account area and once confirmed by the participating retailer, you’ll have the opportunity of winning a 100% refund in our weekly draws.

If just one player wins our £250,000 Free Lotto jackpot, every player receives £1 for every free lotto line played that week (max £35), plus a 100% refund on all registered / verified purchase(s) shown in member accounts, made since their last win, in our unique, up to £1 Million Pounds Community Prize Fund.

We operate two draws each week, as follows -

1st – Is the Thursday Jackpot Draw - Shortly after 5pm GMT, when weekly line submissions have closed, our system randomly draws a number of submitted lines to play for the weekly Free Lotto jackpot of £250,000 and publishes them on the site. The odds of individual lines being selected for the Jackpot Prize draw start at a guaranteed one in 25 for the first 1,000 and thereafter increase, based on the total number of lines submitted for play and the total prize fund for that week’s draw.

2nd – Is the Friday Community Prize Fund Draw – If a 5 number jackpot winner is identified that player will have won £250,000 and unlocked our, up to £1,000,000 Community Prize Fund, where everybody that submitted a line(s) for the same week wins 100% of the money they paid to their retailer since their last win, plus £1 for every line played, up to the full £1 million value of our community fund.

All Free Lotto Club player prizes are fully covered through EMIRAT AG.. Click here for confirmation.

We always use the Friday EuroMillions 5 number Hot Picks draw result for our game. You’re always safe with Free Lotto and we wish you the very best of luck.

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