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20th Jul 2024

09 19 22 41 55 58

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The free lotto club is a fully underwritten fundraising platform which helps companies, organisations, clubs or any other group (Fundraisers), to raise funds for a charity or a good cause, through the individuals they work or associate with, absolutely free of charge.

Fundraisers ask individuals to join the free lotto club using the Fundraisers code we issued, this code identifies the good cause which funds are being raised for.

As each individual visits our site they join free and receive their first 5 daily free lines to play. All winnings are shared equally by each winner and the good cause they are helping to raise funds for.

Playing your 5 daily Free Lotto lines is as simple as logging in then choose and submit 6 numbers between 1 and 59 for each line using our play grid or go for single or multiple lucky picks. That’s 35 free lines every week.

We receive fees and sponsorships from companies advertising on the site, 10% of which is donated to the good causes supported by our members. The remainder pays our running and underwriting costs, which guarantees the free lotto clubs unique, up to $3,000,000 in prizes, and allows members to play 35 free lines every week.

Here’s how our "Community Prize Fund" works

If just one member wins our $1,000,000, 6 ball jackpot, every member (and their associated good cause) that submitted all their 35 FREE Lotto lines that week receives a share of our weekly up to $2,000,000 community prize fund.

The more people that play for free, the faster everyone will win.

You and your good cause will share...

  1. $70 just for playing your lines that week.
  2. Your Bonus Cash - bonus cash is accumulated through the site and the sky is the limit.
    For example, if you are in Saturdays draw and match 2 numbers, you will share $4 Bonus Cash, and that’s every time.
  3. Plus 100% Cashback on every purchase you made through our Go Shopping area since your last win (max $10,000 per payment).

Members will be notified if they have a win - NO claims are every required.

We operate two draws each week, as follows -

1st – Is the Friday Jackpot Draw - Shortly after Midnight GMT, when weekly line submissions have closed, our system randomly draws a number of submitted lines to play for the weekly Free Lotto jackpot of $1,000,000 and publishes them on the site in participating member account areas. The total number of lines randomly selected for the Jackpot Prize draw are based on a fixed percentage of the club’s interest-based, weekly advertising income.

2nd – Is the Saturday Community Prize Fund Draw – If a 6 number jackpot winner is identified that player will have won $1,000,000 and unlocked our, up to $2,000,000 Community Prize Fund, where everybody wins a share.

Plus - If any of your submitted entries were chosen for the jackpot draw and matched 2, 3, 4 or 5 balls you and your good cause will share a smaller prize.

  • $4* for a 2 ball win
  • $20 for a 3 ball win
  • $100 for a 4 ball win
  • $1,000 for a 5 Ball win

All prizes are shared 50/50 between players and fundraisers.

All Free Lotto Club prizes are fully underwritten through financial guarantee Click here for confirmation from the program administrators.
* Bonus Cash is paid as part of the community prize fund.

We wish you and your good cause the very best of luck always.

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