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What is Free Lotto Club?

Free Lotto Club is a free to play community lottery site which entitles members to login and submit 5 free lotto lines every day (35 lines every week) no purchase required. If one player wins our £250,000, 5 ball jackpot, every participant that week receives a share of our, up to £1,250,000 community prize fund - "one winner wins for everyone". How’s that possible? we receive fees and sponsorships from advertisers which pays our running costs and insurance premiums on the up to £1,500,000 in prizes offered every week.

How do I participate?

Step 1)
Join Free and register your details, we will automatically credit your new account with 5 Free Lotto lines every day, which must be submitted for play each day or they will be void. So, if you log in every day, you will be able to choose and submit up to 35 lines every week.

As a member, you can also refer an unlimited number of your family, friends and contacts to free membership. Then on any winning week, when you and the members you referred played all your 35 free lines, you will receive £35 for playing your free lines plus £35 for every player you referred. So, if you referred 50 members you will receive a total of £1785 and that's even though you and your referred members didn’t submit a single winning entry.

Step 2)
If you purchase anything from a participating retailer, advertising in our Go Shopping pages simply register what you bought in your Free Lotto account area. Once the retailer has validated your purchase, you will have the opportunity of winning 100% of all your cash back on all your validated purchases since your last win.

Step 3)
If any of your played lines match the winning result we publish, which is always the same as the 5 number EuroMillions Hot Picks Friday draw result, you will receive an email confirming your good fortune and, as soon as we’re paid by our insurers, you will receive £250,000.

Registering on-line purchases in your account.
These are purchases made through the retailer’s website.
If your purchase was made on-line (through the retailer’s website) you will be guided by them to the Free Lotto site (once you have completed your purchase), where you will need to join free and register/confirm the purchase you just made.

Registering off-line purchases.
These are purchases made in the retailer’s place of business NOT through a website.
If your purchase was made offline (not through a website) you will need to register your purchase on the Free Lotto site. To register an off-line purchase, you will need to join free then submit some purchase details (like date, amount etc..) and a photo/scan of your retailer issued purchase receipt or receipted invoice, which must show the retailer’s name. Your retailer will then validate your purchase.

How do I choose my lines?

Members daily 5 free lines are live for 24 hours and must be chosen and submitted each day for play in the next available draw, or they will be made void, please don’t forget to play your free lines. Simply login, then choose 5 numbers from 1 to 50 and submit your entries.

We operate two draws each week, as follows -

1st - Is the Thursday Jackpot Draw - Shortly after Midnight GMT, when weekly line submissions have closed, our system randomly draws a number of submitted lines to play for the weekly Free Lotto jackpot of £250,000 and publishes them on the site in participating member account areas. The odds of individual lines being selected for the Jackpot Prize draw start at a guaranteed one in 25 for the first 500 and thereafter increase, based on the total number of lines submitted for play and the club’s total income for that week’s draw.

2nd - Is the Friday Community Cash Prize Draw - If a 5 number jackpot winner is identified that player will have won £250,000 and unlocked our, up to £1,250,000 Community Prize Fund, where everybody wins a share of our Community Fund.

We always use the Friday EuroMillions 5 number Hot Picks draw result for our game.

What are Friday’s draw odds?

Among the very best in the world. Participants choose 5 numbers from 1 to 50 for each line which means the odds are 1:2,118,760. Somewhat better than UK Lotto at over 1:45,000,000+ or the main EuroMillions draw at almost 1:140,000,000, plus every line is free with Free Lotto Club.

Are there any costs?

Members pay nothing to join or play ever.

How will I know if I have won?

Simply visit the site and login from Saturday morning. Winners will find a withdrawable credit in their accounts 48 hours after our insurers pay us.

Do I have to claim my winnings?

No, payments are automatic and confirmed by email.

How are winning amounts confirmed?

The prize amount of any winning line is confirmed to logged in members on the Free Lotto site and sent by email. Prizes are then credited to each winner's account ready for withdrawal.

Are winnings insured?

Yes, all prizes are fully insured, and payment is made to winners as soon as insurers pay Free Lotto Club.

All Free Lotto Club player prizes are fully covered through EMIRAT AG. Click here for confirmation.

What's the history?

Our involvement with financial sales promotional programs began over 30 years ago, several years before the Internet existed. These programs were used by hundreds of international businesses such as Apple Computers, Johnnie Walker, Black & Decker, Dunlop Slazenger and many more. We have pictured a few winners from our offline cashback promotions on the home page.

What if I have a problem with my product?

When you buy from a retailer, your purchase agreement is with them. If you have a problem with the product you purchased, please contact your retailer. We are only responsible for our lottery promotion.

How do I retrieve my password?

If you forget your password, simply go to the login page and click Forgot Password, you will be prompted to enter and submit your registered email address and our system will automatically reply with a link to change the password.

How do I change my account information, for example if I move home?

Login to your account and click Account Settings in the menu. If you change your email address, we will need to verify it by sending you an email to the new address with a clickable verification link.

Is my personal information safe?

Yes, the Free Lotto Club site is protected by Secure Socket Layer technology.

How do I make a complaint?

If you have reason to make a complaint, please click on the Contact Us link and provide full details. We will respond by return with an answer or at least to confirm that we are working on your complaint. Please be assured that we value feedback from our members whether positive or negative.

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