Affiliate Program

Join our affiliate program and enjoy the benefits detailed below, not just once but again and again.

If just one Free Lotto Club member wins our £250,000, 5 ball jackpot (whether you referred them or not), you will receive £35 for every new member you referred that played their 35 free lines in that week’s draw, as part of our £1,250,000 community Prize fund.

£10 Joining Bonus

Get paid every winning week

Here are some reward examples:

  • If you referred just 100 new member players you would receive £3,500.
  • If you referred 500 that would be £17,500.
  • And 1,000 referrals would be £35,000.

The sky is the limit for the number of referrals you can have.

The more members that join our community and play their Free Lotto lines, the faster everyone will be winners. Our odds are among the most player friendly in the world, and all our prizes are insured.

£10 Joining Bonus

Reward your customers

1st. they get 35 Free Lotto lines every week, forever! Your customers, member & staff are entitled to choose and submit 5 free lines every day (that’s 35 free lines every week) to win our weekly £250,000 jackpot.

2nd. there’s a £1,250,000 Community Prize Fund! If just one member wins our 5 ball jackpot, every member that submitted a FREE Lotto line that week receives a share of our weekly up to £1,250,000 community Prize fund.

3rd. give your customers a £10 joining bonus! To help you grow your referrals and the amount you will recieve. You will have the unique opportunity to offer your customers, member & staff a free £10 joining bonus to be paid with thier first win. All they have to do is use your promotional code when joining.

Plus you get a Free Lotto line every week

Don’t feel left out, you also get the chance to win our £250,000 Jackpot!

Simply log-in to your affiliate account and choose 5 numbers between 1 and 50 for your Free Lotto line or use lucky dip.

04 10 14 38 50

This jackpot draw result was for the 1st Dec 2023. Each Free Lotto weekly draw result mirrors the Friday EuroMillions Hot Picks 5 number draw result.

Get Started - Become an Affiliate Today!

Please note: We are a free community lotto club and as such have a duty of care towards our member players. We are always concerned that affiliates promote our site carefully and do not in any way promote free memberships through undesirable, dark web, or illegal sites. If we become aware of any such activity the member(s), affiliates and referrer(s) concerned will have their accounts terminated and any otherwise, potentially due winnings or rewards hereunder will be forfeit

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